gmvBRAVE, Brief Report for Analysis, Validation and Engineering platform, provides a helpful service that improves the process of monitoring, reporting and analysing of the daily performances of a SBAS. By automatizing the daily executions of SBAS processing algorithms and performance analysis tools, gmvBRAVE reduces the time cost and increases the efficiency of engineering tasks that would result repetitive otherwise. In each execution, it generates an extensive set of outcomes that allows the quick detection and assessment of any incidence or performance degradation.

Currently, gmvBRAVE is used by GMV team as a support tool for the daily analysis of CPFPS performances in EGNOS and magicSBAS performances in the Australia/New Zealand SBAS Testbed.

In general terms, gmvBRAVE allows:

  • Integration and automation of several tools for SBAS engineering and analysis
  • Comparison of operational performances with performances of different SBAS versions
  • Evaluation of performance indicators to detect degradations or anomalies at system level
  • Anticipation to the reporting of anomalous observations affecting the SBAS
  • Preliminary analysis of feared events
  • Testing and validation of SBAS algorithmic evolutions using real or simulated baseline scenarios

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Comparison summary with gmvBRAVE

Comparison summary with gmvBRAVE