avt Key Features

The avt host controls the execution of the tests and runs on a host development environment (Solaris, Linux or Windows).

The avt host communicates with the target board using a wrapping set of abstract communication primitives. For each different target board and OS, this layer has to be implemented using the available implementation dependent communication services.

avt: environment

The avt target is a set of partitions that executes the specified tests. It evaluates the test results and returns a PASS/FAIL token back to the avt host. An alternative architecture consists in embedding the avt host within the avt target. In this case, the test results are written to an implementation dependent device that accepts the C standard write instruction.

An optional command line interface allows the tester to choose the tests to be executed.

An optional Windows GUI communicates with the avt host in the host environment by means of a socket interface and allows an easier control of the test execution