atalaya cyber intelligence: digital surveillance


Organizations need not only to use social media to promote themselves and do business; they also need to monitor the impact of information they send out and also the effect of whatever others might opine, say or orchestrate against them. As well as traditional websites and social networking sites, there are other sources (P2P networks, IRC channels, blogs, anonymous networks, text containers, etc.) where information containing comments and defamation of this type may be stored and exchanged and also restricted documents containing confidential information on the organization, its employees and clients, which should not rightfully have been divulged.

To ensure that organizations have more and better knowledge of the network information on them and increase their overall security, GMV has provided its clients with the digital surveillance service: atalaya.

GMV monitors diverse sources, on an 8x5 or 7x24 basis, to detect accidental or purposeful publications that might pose a risk to the organization or damage its image. atalaya pinpoints activities such as information leaks, phishing scams, hacking, fraudulent activities, industrial espionage, ATPs, pharming, spam, information obtained from organization hacking, user credentials in various services of the organization.

The digital surveillance service is based on the following:

  • Selection of information sources such as search engines, social networking sites, blogs, IRCs, RSS, information containers, P2P networks, specialist forums, YouTube, other public networks, if any, etc.)
  • Determination of search cadence and patterns 
  • Participation in some of the specialist communication channels or sources 
  • Centralization and processing of said information 
  • Generation of alerts and drawing up of reports 
  • Adjustment of parameters and cadence to optimize results