arot Key Features

arot can be used to make all kinds of tests over an AFDX network, including conformance and robustness tests, namely for testing the following AFDX features:

  • Redundancy Management
  • Integrity Checking
  • Network Traffic Shaping

The tool is developed using XML as the scripting language, in a way that new features can be easily added when more testing capabilities are needed.

arot is based on a thin client architecture that runs over a web browser, allowing a user to remotely interface the AFDX End Systems. This makes the tool inexpensive and easy to install, whilst allowing access to users located in different places.

arot: environment

The tool functionality is deployed over a Web Server running on a Windows platform that connects to the AFDX End System using an implementation independent C layer that wraps the functionality provided by the driver of the End System under test.

The tool also includes the “Test Responder” software that simulates the responses from the network to the stimulus provided by the test scripts.