arkano control of access rights to digital information


arkano is a security product that controls data access by means of cryptography mechanisms embedded in the data itself, a system sometimes known as data self-protection.

arkano has been designed and developed for encryption of documents of daily use, email encryption and encryption of contents and documents exposed in organizations’ intranets. The encryption is “end-to-end”, i.e., care is taken to ensure that no intermediary or system administrator can access the data.

arkano can be classified within EDRM (Enterprise Digital Rights Management) solutions, i.e., a solution designed for companies and organizations that wish to manage access rights to information stored in digital format. The design of arkano lays special stress on usability and cutting operational costs; its architecture is particularly suitable for meeting the information-custody and -confidentiality challenges posed by cloud storage.

Information that can be protected with arkano

arkano is a solution for encryption of correspondence, documents and websites. The encryption is end-to-end so that the contents are always stored in encrypted form.

arkano also protects other types of documents: 

  • Emails 
  • Microsoft Office Documents (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
  • PDF Documents 
  • Static websites (HTML)

Protection capacities

arkano’s protection capacities include the following: 

  • Control of document opening 
  • Display and edition permits and edition with recording of modifications.
  • Control of clipboard use (copy/paste)
  • Control of printing 
  • Watermark 
  • Expiry or annulment of access rights 
  • Modification of access permits to existing documents 
  • Exhaustive access auditing