antari RIS/PACS

Medical image technology with the sufficient quality and necessary weight for being sent and shared in real time from several different points, facilitating diagnosis with more than one medical opinion

Digital radiography can rightfully claim to be one of the greatest breakthroughs in image systems for medical use. Offering huge advantages in both economic and diagnostic terms, this technique means that traditional photographic film hardly has to be used nowadays in X-ray departments and facilities. The doctor who asked for the X-ray can see the results and issue a report only minutes after the exploration. Images are no longer kept in a single place; they can now be shared simultaneously by several doctors miles away from each other. The patient him- or herself can also take away the X-ray images in a CD to show them to other doctors in other hospitals. There is no doubt that within very few years traditional X-ray films will have been completely phased out.

antari RIS/PACS is a groundbreaking digital-image management system based on open-source software and underpinned by state-of-the-art cloud computing concepts, giving our clients a complete report management and display system of the various X-ray arrangements.