The need for decentralization, equity of service, and lack of economic and human health resources, are the triggers to effectively address a new Electronic Health System. In this situation, where is to direct health systems in an equitable and sustainable manner? The application of information technology and communication in the field of health is displayed as a real- time alternative to address this challenge.

antari Primary Care is an innovative solution for e-Health unifying conventional medical practice in the field of primary care medical practice remotely ( telemedicine) that includes organizational aspects, including the management and location of resources, health planning, introducing a new concept of telemedicine programmed through its management system and calendar appointments, without neglecting the need for emergency teleconsultation sessions. In the field of telemedicine, antari Primary Care enables remote diagnostics incorporating diagnostic tests in a multi-vendor environment, sharing and managing clinical information in a flexible and intuitive, through its Electronic Health Record module and it has basically maintained the usual way of working in conventional medicine.

antari Primary Care is a product interoperable, standards-based, which allows integration with other information systems, designed under strict safety parameters. Through its comprehensive Health Planning module, facilitates the management of services and their relations, providing the product with unique features in these solutions.