antari ehealth & epidemiology solutions

Factors such as growing life expectancy, the demand for top-quality health services and soaring healthcare costs all make it increasingly necessary to look for new ways of tackling the healthcare challenges of our time, to ensure we are capable of maintaining and boosting service quality, cutting costs and raising the level of user satisfaction.

The application of information and communication technologies to healthcare is unquestionably part of the solution to these problems. Enter antari, GMV’s suite of eHealth products and epidemiological solutions, which aims to come up with a set of solutions to today’s healthcare challenges. These solutions take in all the following: attention of chronic patients, primary-specialized telemedicine systems, epidemiological control systems, tele-rehabilitation and digital radiology systems using cutting-edge healthcare technology. All these groundbreaking solutions obey the strictest quality and safety standards and are interoperable with current market standards; the technology is designed to be user-friendly for all healthcare professionals in their daily practice.