air Documentation

Presentation of AIR

This presentation is an overview of air, showing the main features, namely including its origins, architecture and validation approach.

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A portable ARINC 653 standard interface

Presented at 28th Digital Avionics Systems Conference, 2008

This paper describes air as an OS independent design approach of a Portable APEX interface, using . Trough the usage of POSIX, to implement the APEX layer.

The document demonstrates that  the standardization of the APEX is taken a step further: not only the definition of services is standardized but also its interface to the underlying OS.

Therefore, the APEX operation does not depend on a particular OS but relies on a well defined set of standardized components.

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An I/O Building block for the IMA space reference Architecture

Presented at DASIA, 2012

The IMA for Space project (IMA-SP), led by Astrium, defines a reference architecture for space on-board software based on the concept IMA.

This platform encompasses not only low-level software like operating systems and communication middleware, but also domain-specific services, such as FDIR, mode control or on-board software maintenance.

Part of the platform is a generic I/O solution that provides services based on network interfaces and other devices. In compliance with the overall objectives of the platform, the I/O component should not only integrate device control into a partitioned environment, but also relieve applications from the burden of addressing I/O directly.

Applications built for the IMA platform are in consequence reusable across different hardware platforms and different missions.

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