air System Description

air implements the application executive (APEX) defined by the ARINC 653 specification by means of virtualization technology.

Each partition hosts its own paravirtualized operating system that implements a particular scheduling logic, inter-process communication and an application programming interface (API).

The partition operating system (POS) is virtualized and executed on top of the Partition Management Kernel (PMK).

The PMK is an extremely simple kernel that only provides Interrupt Service Routines (ISR), like timer, hardware interrupts. Below the PMK is a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), which initializes the essential resources to have a working PMK.

aor: PMK

The APEX implements the ARINC 653 systems using a two level design approach:

  • APEX Layer implements A653Logic (including scheduling, time services, etc.)
  • APEX Core Layer depends on underlying POS and MOS services
air: APEX