air Key Features

The implemented APEX is an independent hardware and operative system independent, running on different RTOS platforms like RTEMS Linux and embedded board support packages (BSP). This openness is called portable APEX, being based on the POSIX interfaces and also being a contribution to Open Standards..

air strictly conforms to the complete ARINC653 specification, guaranteeing the same application behavior as the on target platform.

Allows temporal and spatial partitioning, featuring a two level scheduler (ARINC 653 scheduler and RTOS process scheduler) and standard tools to manage all the resources securing spatial partitioning:


Enhanced process scheduler that features:

  • Verification of hard real-time process deadlines
  • Switching between multiple partition schedules
  • Execution of defined actions the first time a partition is scheduled after a schedule change

air features a generic I/O solution called ioserver and it provides a more efficient service based on network interfaces and other devices