DV-rec Highlighted text

DV-rec is a high-performance product featuring functions and characteristics in line with the latest market trends in terms of transport safety and video surveillance


  • Recording formats: H.264, MPEG-4
  • It can be used with a wide range of cameras 
  • It records at every resolution and frame rate supported by the camera
  • Label overprinted on recorded videos with train number, timestamp and camera number 
  • Automatic camera configuration: resolution, frame rate, date/time synchronization
  • System time synchronization: either from own GPS receiver (external antenna needed), or from the onboard time server (via NTP protocol)
  • GPS support, for recorded images positioning
  • Camera covering/tampering detection
  • Disk redundancy (RAID1) management


DV-rec implements live view and video playback functions for the driver, on the HMI unit located in both cabins.

  • Internal and external cameras can be managed separately. Manual or automatic switching (using open-doors signals)
  • Loop switching in each group of cameras: manual or automatic (configurable timer)
  • Screen displays: 2x2 mosaic, and full screen mode (selectable).
  • Very low latency. Allows the use of external cameras as rear-view mirrors
  • Tracking cameras in both cabins, to record the route. Automatic selection
  • System performance supervision from the driver’s interface


DV-desk is an integrated application which allows downloading and playing of the recorded videos, as well as system monitoring and configuration.

  • Download filtering: by train number, time period or camera
  • Local track management. Filtering and classifying
  • Wired Ethernet downloading or wireless Wi Fi downloading. Direct downloading, detachable SSD disk, with optional cradle
  • Video playback modes: single video, NxN mosaic, Asymmetric mosaic