DV-rec Components



The DV-rec onboard system is managed by DVR units designed and built by GMV. It also includes the following components: PoE IP cameras to facilitate installation and maintenance tasks, Ethernet switches and cabin touchscreens. The onboard system architecture has the following features: 

  • Distributed architecture, providing a high degree of scalability
  • The whole system is distributed on an Ethernet backbone running throughout the train; completely digital architecture
  • Network redundancy could be optionally provided 
  • Touch screens are installed in both cabins to provide the driver with a live view and video playback
  • DV-rec processes some onboard signals, such as “open-doors” and “active cabin”


DV-desk, as its name suggests, is a desktop app allowing users to configure and interact with the trains’ onboard video surveillance system. It enables videos recorded in the DVR units to be downloaded by various communication channels, applying diverse filters for clients that do not wish to download complete contents. DV-desk also offers several video display options.

DV-desk App