SIGO Integrated Operational Management System for the Spanish Maritime Search-and-Rescue Society

Spain’s Maritime Search-and-Rescue Society was looking around for an IT app capable of catering for all its current functions while also able to phase in new functions in the future to ensure greater efficiency. Enter the SIGO application (Computerized Operational Management System), declared operational in 2004.

The project is conceived as a global solution allowing for all the following:

  • Manage all data on any emergencies that might occur in any SASEMAR centers, providing centralized data access to optimize resource use (separate units for the rescue of ships in distress and persons in distress).
  • Manage of data of ship traffic through the traffic separation schemes of Tarifa, Finisterre and Cabo de Gata plus port entry- and departure-maneuvers.
  • Study the possible trajectories of oil spills.
  • Conduct studies of the possible pathways followed by ships or persons disappeared on the high seas, taking into account such parameters as weather data (wind and currents), local geographic data (tidal streams) or data of the persons or vessels in distress (features of the vessel(s) involved, clothing or utensils of the people in the water) in the interests of speeding up the searches and optimizing resources.
  • Control associated costs of running the units for rescuing persons and vessels in distress and set up a centralized database to keep constant track of the state of all available resources.
  • Manage the equipment and units used by SASEMAR, their location and hours of use, as well as associated costs throughout their useful life.
  • The proposed system records every operation carried out, enabling users to find out who has carried out any type of management of any of the system components and when this was done.
  • All this will be accessible from the various points in which SASEMAR runs a web-based, browser-driven Search-and-Rescue Coordination Center, without needing installation of any client software.

The system is based on a three-tier web solution (client server, web server and database server); SIGO is a high-availability/high-scalability, 24x7, fault-tolerant system.