PA & Intercom Components

The hardware components making up the PA & Intercom system in its most complete version are:  

  • PA control center (R-PA10): This is the onboard equipment constituting the main controller of the public address system. Through its connection to the train’s Ethernet it receives audio streaming from the voice input points. 
  • Voice input point (CIP): This is the onboard equipment that, installed on some cars of the train, acts as crew and driver interface with the public address system and the intercom functions.
  • Driving cab microphone connected to the driver’s voice input point
  • Emergency intercom IP (ICOM10) installed in the passenger zones for establishing passenger communication in any emergency situation.
  • Loudspeakers connected through a transformer to one of the two 100V lines running from the PA control center of this car or the next car, and serving as physical interface for broadcasting passenger signals.
  • GPS/GLONASS antenna and receiver (for automatic travel announcements)