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Founded in 1981, SERMEPA, Servicios para Medios de Pago S.A, is one of the leading firms in Spain’s means-of-payment sector. In 2006 it migrated its ATM network systems to Microsoft Windows, using IP networks as communication mechanism. This change implied an appreciable increase in security risks due to the vulnerabilities in these systems. In the year 2007 alone its ATM network processed over 29 million transactions. The impact of this migration on network security therefore had to be carefully studied to ensure continuance of SERMEPA’s hallmark levels of protection and trustworthiness. “The most important thing was to maintain the security and trustworthiness of our networks during and after this migration process”, explains Ana María Núñez Benito, SERMEPA’s Director of Design and Development.


SERMEPA decided to boost its network security and protection levels by means of a solution that allowed it to mitigate these risks in a simple and effective way. “The ATM security solution offered by Dynasty and GMV met this requirement, creating a secure communications and execution environment, centrally monitored and managed”, says Núñez Benito.

Checker, developed by GMV ( in collaboration with Dynasty, has been specially designed to manage the security of an ATM network and to furnish centralized real-time information on security incidents throughout the whole network. Using advanced technologies such as access control by whitelisting (checking the integrity of the processes to be run) and its own exclusive self-learning system, Checker provides protection against malware, filters out unauthorized network connections and controls access to ATM resources such as files with sensitive information, USB ports or hardware devices such as the note dispenser.

“Communication between the ATMs and the Checker server is end-to-end encrypted, enabling ATM security to be remotely managed. Any type of security incident is automatically flagged in real time, giving us constant visibility of our ATM network”, comments Núñez Benito.


Implementation of Checker has enabled SERMEPA to achieve one of its main objectives in this migration process: guaranteeing the security levels of its ATM network without impairing its operational effectiveness. They thus achieved all the following:

Centralizing security management
Beforehand, several different products (antivirus, firewall, etc) each gave only piecemeal solutions for ATM security needs. “Now with Checker we obtain secure running and communication environments with a single product”, says Núñez Benito.

Improving network administration
A single product controls not only the processes run on the ATM but also their integrity, avoiding any software phishing and controlling users running these processes.

Increasing control of its ports
Control over ATM communication ports ensures verification of their activation, remote addresses and even the applications entitled to access these ports. In the words of Núñez Benito “all this is done by means of a centralized, effective and simple monitoring and management system”.

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