checker ATM security Product Information

Facts on ATM security and Logical Fraud

ATM software protection

The arrival of common computer operating systems onto the financial self-service scene, together with the use of IP networks for communications services, has resulted in a considerable increase in security risks for Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) as a direct consequence of the vulnerabilities which are common to open systems. ATMs therefore now need software protection.

While typical attacks, such as card skimming, are little by little being controlled, other types of attacks are on the rise. Attacking ATM networks in a well-organized and highly sophisticated way is a clear trend today in places like Eastern Europe or Latin America, and it will definitely become a very uncomfortable reality in the most advanced countries very soon. You just need to take a look at some of the logical attacks to ATMs recently reported in the press to understand this reality.

Therefore, banks need a way of detecting and preventing this new type of ATM logical fraud.

Why checker ATM security?

Since an ATM is essentially a PC, one might argue they should be equipped with the same security controls: antiviruses. Installing an antivirus is always a good idea but it is not enough in itself. An ATM must be compliant with a high number of requirements. ATMs must support multiple applications, each one more complex than the other, most of the times running over obsolete systems, with reduced resources and very often discontinued.

Checker ATM security has been designed under the maximum reliability requirements, mitigating risks in a simple effective way, with the lowest impact in operations:

  • Checker is specifically built for ATMs
  • Checker is compliant with new regulations such as PCI-DSS
  • Uses white listing technology which is a must for ATM protection (no need for updates)
  • Among other features, Checker integrates a Firewall + process control + communication control + integrity validation
  • State of the art Full Hard Disk Encryption designed specifically for ATMs
  • Checker detects TRACK2 writing and reports it to central management
  • Controls Java content (not only the virtual machine but java classes and packages)
  • ACL-based control of process execution and resource access
  • Performance: checker performs with minimum resources consumption (3-6MB RAM and less than 1% of CPU)
  • Enforces security policies that can be easily customized for the needs of different ATM networks
  • Audit and forensics: checker is delivered with a complete set of tools for audits
  • Backwards compatibility: checker is compatible with all windows versions, including NT4, and will be extended to future versions as well
  • Checker offers all its features in a single product: All in one and with Central Management