Environmental Commitment

GMV keeps as a goal a social responsible procedure in all of its business activities. This compromise involves every company's spectrum, from the directorate team reaching employer employee acts, shareholders, providers and third parties involved. This implies the company's compromise towards actual social interests. These policies approach crucial environmental problems according to company's possibilities, and display an essential awareness development.

According to environmental concerns, GMV's directorate team has decided to implement an Environmental Management System (EMS), contributing even if limitedly, to a favorable social climate towards maintenance and environmental support. The integration and implementation of GMV's EMS will be approached into three phases, being consequently applied to the different company's facilities, beginning at the central headquarters in Madrid PTM, at Tres Cantos. This main office currently hosts employees from GMV . GMV does not develop activities that may risk or be hazardous according to environmental patterns, however it is the company's believe that every small contribution is important.

The environmental policy developed by the company's CIO, and assumed by every company belonging to the holding group, establishes the following requirements and principles:

  • Protection and environmental support.
  • Compromise with continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  • Fulfillment of applicable laws to our activities, towards client requirements, and third parties involved.
  • Appliance of the 3 R's rule if possible.

    • Reduce.
    • Recycle.
    • Recycle re-use.
  • Rational use of resources, reduction of residue and assurance of clean disposal waste. Reduction of raw material and energy consumed.
  • Cooperation and collaboration among authorities and qualified bodies, to develop and define actions directed to support and protect the community, employees and environment.
  • Promote among all employee scales, the sense of responsibility and care towards environment.
  • Evaluation of environmental risk in every activity.
  • Design and development of environmental improvement plans.