Employment Opportunities

Security Engineering Consultancy Support

Ref.: 822

Experience: 3-5 years
Country: Germany
City:  Darmstadt


The tasks for the security engineers of this work package include without being limited to all the following:

1. Security-related anomaly investigation and processing

2. Security engineering activities:

  • Setup and running of asset discovery and vulnerability scans, in coordination with asset owners, as well as analysis of the results
  • Reporting anomalies where needed e.g. due to an identified vulnerability;
  • Monitoring of vulnerability patching activities across the organization;
  • Daily review of user-reported anomalies for possible security impact or implications;
  • Daily review of reports generated by firewalls and threat prevention solutions;
  • Performing auditing activities e.g.
  • Inspections of privileged access and change implementation
  • Inspection of deliveries for compliance to security requirements
  • Maintenance of security deployments

3. Generation of reports:

  • Weekly vulnerability reports
  • Weekly patch-status reports
  • Regression testing
  • Identification of improvements and opportunities:
  • Review of proposed changes for compliance to security requirements
  • Review and evolution of security requirements
  • Setup and maintenance of new security Solutions


- Academic degree: IT Bachelor or Master’s degree
- Level of English: Advanced
- Technical knowledge: Information Security