Employment Opportunities

Software Developer 3D simulation system

Ref.: 740

Experience: 3-5 years
Country: Germany
City:  Munich


This position will mainly consist in developing and maintaining various aspects of a turret 3D simulation/training system. It covers the complete software implementation of the training solution, starting from low-level features and networking components to high-level user interface design elements and using various state-of-the-art technologies and frameworks. You will also have the opportunity to work on other space-oriented projects involving complex and exciting scientific and physical backgrounds, such as atmosphere observations processing or weather forecasting.

Key tasks and responsibilities:

  • Development and maintenance of a 3D simulation System
  • Customer liaison to discuss requirements, recommend alternative implementations etc.
  • Customer Support
  • Configuration management of software deliveries
  • Software installation and testing


- Academic degree: Degree in Software Engineering or similar
- Level of English: Advanced
- Technical knowledge:

  • Strong C++ (minimum version C++11)
  • Node.js experience
  • AngularJS 2 experience

- Desirable knowledge:

  • Typescript language experience
  • Template meta-programming
  • Open Scene Graph
  • DirectX and HLSL
  • Boost
  • Chromium Embedded Framework
  • Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine (Ogre3D)
  • Gulp
  • Webpack
  • SASS
  • Shell scripting
  • Multiplatform code development
  • VBSFusion – API for the Virtual Battle Space system from Bohemia Interactive Simulations
  • Linear algebra calculus skills

- Further experience requirements:

  • Agile Development Methodology
  • Unit testing
  • Test driven design
  • Continuous integration
  • Eclipse, Sublime text and Visual Studio
  • Git
  • Gitlab
  • Jenkins
  • Docker

• Able to work autonomously but at the same time good team and presentation skills for inter-discipline interaction in an international environment.