Employment Opportunities

Junior Aerospace Engineer for Space Surveillance and Tracking Activities

Ref.: 1292

Experience: 3-5 years
Country: Poland
City:  Warsaw


We are looking a highly motivated AEROSPACE ENGINEER for our Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) activities, including R&D tasks, software development and related engineering and analysis activities.
GMV is a leading space company, particularly in Space Traffic Management and in Space Surveillance and Tracking. GMV engineers use cutting-edge technologies to develop the solutions of the future. We are looking for engineers who bring new ideas, new ways of working, and above all, passion for the challenges of the space sector. As an engineer you will work on specific projects related to Space Surveillance and tracking with opportunities to switch teams, location and project as GMV grows and evolves.
Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST), is becoming a more and more important topic in the space sector due to the need to manage the traffic of the population of objects orbiting the Earth, both space debris and operational satellites; this population is currently growing, and is expected to increase even more dramatically due to the launch of mega constellations.
The successful candidate will join GMV's SSA multidisciplinary team located across several countries, with several projects currently ongoing. In particular the successful candidate will join the team in charge of the development of the Polish SST Operations Centre. The concrete tasks to be performed by the successful candidate will mostly focus on engineering activities, bearing a strong relation to orbital mechanics, including orbit determination.
These tasks will allow the candidate to:

  • His or her know-how of how systems are engineered in the space sector
  • Understand the space-debris risk to satellites
  • Gain hands-on experience in the operation of complex ground systems for space applications
  • Work in a very dynamic environment surrounded by highly skilled and motivated engineers
  • Get involved in the daily operations of satellites, ranging from the orbit determination of space debris objects to the analysis of potential collision-avoidance maneuvers.




Academic degree: MSc in aerospace engineering
Level of English: B2
Technical knowledge:

  • Orbital mechanics Linux
  • Programming
  • Space Environment

Desirable knowledge:

  • Space debris
  • Java/C++/Python
  • Space surveillance and tracking