Employment Opportunities

GNSS Navigation Engineer

Ref.: 1274

Experience: 1-2 years
Country: Spain
City:  Madrid - Tres Cantos


  • Absolute and Relative (between different spacecraft) navigation algorithms, systems and techniques, using GNSS constellation signals/receivers and other type of absolute and relative sensors.
  • Design and Development of navigation filters using GNSS measurements, hybridization with other type of measurements, high-level aiding techniques.
  • Analysis of space scenarios and applications from the absolute/relative navigation point of view. Derivation of requirements towards the on-board navigation function/subsystem.
  • Participation in the analysis and design of navigation functionalities, modelling and testing.
  • Navigation simulators (including sensors modelling) building, tailoring and set-up.
  • Responsibility at the level of Project Manager might required/optional.
  • Participation in proposals preparation, proposals requirements analysis: technical, managerial, implementation.


 - Academic degree: MSc. in Telecomunications or similar
- Level of English: Upper Intermediate
- Technical knowledge:

  • GNSS based absolute and relative navigation
  • Navigation subsystem engineering
  • Navigation filtering (Kalman filters and others)
  • Matlab/Simulink
  • C coding language