Employment Opportunities

Flight Dynamics Operations engineers

Ref.: 1257

Experience: 1-2 years
Country: Germany
City:  Darmstadt


GMV is a top supplier of flight dynamics solutions and helps ESA in Darmstadt (ESOC) operate their unique fleet of Science and Earth Observation satellites. Join a wonderful and successful company and help to fly the most spectacular satellites made in Europe.
Typical tasks will include:

  • Determine satellite orbit and attitude
  • Determine satellite target trajectory
  • Generate commands for the AOCS satellite
  • Independently test and validate the above!
  • Develop and maintain ESA´s in-house flight dynamics software tools


- Academic degree: MSc aerospace, mathematics or physics
- Level of English: Advanced
- Technical knowledge: 

University degree in aerospace engineering, mathematics or physics. Fluent in English Classical mechanics, including:

  • Kinematics and dynamics of point masses,
  • Dynamics of rigid bodies,dynamics expressed in non-inertial reference frames, e.g. including dynamics in rotating frames
  • Rotation dynamics expressed in body-fixed frame,
  • Conservation laws in mechanics,
  • Gravitational forces and field,
  • Orbit dynamics, Keplerian orbits and Kepler laws.
  • Solving problems via analytical mechanics methods (e.g. Lagrangian formulation)

Linear algebra, in particular different representations of rotation in 3D, thus including the representation of S/C attitude (cosine direction matrix, Euler symmetric parameters/quaternions, Euler-angles...)

Calculus in one or several variables.
Numerical methods for:

  • Equations solving
  • Integration of differential equations
  • Function approximation and interpolation
  • Optimization
  • Linear algebra problems
  • Software programming in C++ or Python
  • Unix/Linux scripting