Employment Opportunities

Remote operational support technician for a security monitoring mission

Ref.: 1058

Experience: 3-5 years
Country: Germany
City:  Oberpfaffenhofen


The main tasks are:

  • Collaborate in the creation and validation of incident-handling procedures for nominal and crisis scenarios (i.e. Council Decision);
  • Support SECMON-related activities, in particular investigations requested plus others as need be;
  • Resolve security incidents calling for decisions;
  • Support the security monitoring implementation roadmap and its validation activities;
  • Increase the knowledge of the system by directly accessing technical documentation on “as built” system design and data flows, and sharing the knowledge;
  • Authorize changes in their electronic security environment;
  • Enforce auditing responsibilities on Operations;
  • Gather / exploit inputs on system and security events that are not yet accessible / exploitable through the equipment delivered;
  • Reinforce the quality of the Security Reporting to the Program by ensuring direct on-site access to inputs used for their weekly security reports;
  • Accelerate council decision-making time to decision trigger points in procedures for crisis scenarios; and
  • Participation in classified meetings organized (e.g. chairing Cyber Review Boards), and provide reports on their outcomes.


- Academic degree: Software Engineering or Telecommunication Engineering
- Level of English: High
- Technical knowledge:

  • Background in computer security, preferably obtained in a security operating center or equivalent environment; and experience in drafting operational procedures related to root cause investigation and troubleshooting technical issues.