Employment Opportunities

Defensive Security Designer

Ref.: 1056

Experience: 3-5 years
Country: Poland
City:  Prague


The main tasks are:

  • Maintain the security technical baseline (policies, requirements, concepts of operations);
  • Perform and maintain traceability of the security technical baseline to mission requirements;
  • Support the security manager in the flow-down of the security technical baseline in procurement projects;
  • Manage and monitor the implementation of the security technical baseline in the procurement projects;
  • Participate in project reviews, focusing on aspects related to the security technical baseline;
  • Report to security Manager; and
  • Provide support to the security manager on any other tasks under its responsibility.


- Academic degree: Software Engineering or Telecommunication Engineering
- Level of English: High
- Technical knowledge:

  • Experience in requirements engineering and management;
  • Experience in production and enforcement of security policies; and
  • Knowledge/experience in security monitoring operations