Commissioning of the GMV-supplied Ticket Vending Machines in Santiago de Chile’s Metro

Santiago de Chile Metro’s new lines 3 and 6 will replace the traditional personnel-attended ticket windows with modern Ticket Vending Machines

Since November 2017 66 machines have been up and running in the newly opened line 6; by the end of 2018 a total of 230 TVMs will be operating in the Metro of Santiago de Chile

SICE, priming the contract for the supply of the fare-collection system of Santiago de Chile’s Metro, has turned to the technology multinational GMV for the design, software development and manufacture under the SICE brand of all the Ticket Vending Machines of the new lines 6 and 3 of the Chilean capital city’s Metro.

Under this project GMV will be supplying a total of 80 Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) for vending and recharging the Chilean system’s bip! farecards, plus 150 compact vending/recharging machines specially designed for working with these farecards.

Metro line 6 was officially opened in late 2017 by the President of the Republic of Chile, Michelle Bachelet. One of the major new features of the new line 6 and the future line 3 is the replacement of traditional personnel-attended ticket windows (called boleterías in Chile) with Ticket Vending Machines for issuing and recharging Chile’s bip! farecards. The new line 6, in particular, has a total of 66 TVMs spread throughout its 10 stations.

Metro line 3 is due to be opened in the last quarter of 2018. For this line GMV is now working on the manufacture of the remaining 164 TVMs to work on the 21 stations of the future line.
By the time line 3 has been opened in 2018, a total of 230 TVMs will be providing a service on the new lines of the Metro network.
The project has spawned upgrades of GMV’s TVM family, duly adapted to suit the specific needs of Santiago de Chile’s Metro and integrated with the rest of the systems supplied by SICE.


After settling in over the first few weeks the new line 6 is now clocking up an average of 110,000 daily users. This appreciable ridership will help to cut down congestion in the other lines of Santiago de Chile’s Metro.

The opening of Metro line 6 is a red-letter event in the construction of the new lines 6 and 3, which will enlarge the metro network by 41 kilometers, with 31 stations and 45 new trains.

The new line 6 boasts driverless trains plus platform gates and entrance and exit gates to replace the traditional turnstiles, among its main new features.

Line 6, now opened, is made up by 10 new stations running over 15 kilometers and benefits 1.1 million inhabitants of the comunas (Chile’s smallest administrative districts) of Cerrillos, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Santiago, San Miguel, San Joaquín, Ñuñoa and Providencia, running from end to end in 20 minutes.

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