GMV and CyberArk join forces to protect its clients’ most valuable information, infrastructure and application assets

GMV reinforces its Cybersecurity range with CyberArk, a key partner to strengthen corporate identity and access management

Cyberattacks are now reaching such a high level of sophistication that they can only be realistically countered if firms specializing in the various areas of cybersecurity fight shoulder to shoulder against the same threat. A perfect example of this collaboration is the agreement signed between two major companies of the Cybersecurity sector, GMV and CyberArk, which from this year onwards will join forces in the fight against cyberthreats.

The technology company GMV provides specialized technical advisory services on identity and access management, specifically covering the management of privileged users. Recommendations given to customers must therefore be backed up by promise-keeping technological solutions. CyberArk’, for its part, has proven its leadership in the segment of security in privileged accounts.

In all organizations there must be users with privileged management rights; these are likely to become the target of attackers whose purpose is to seize those rights and materialize any threats. In this field, CyberArk’s solutions provide an overview of the activity and access of this type of users, monitoring and detecting suspicious behavior, keeping the necessary evidence to demonstrate past actions and even interacting with other solutions to prevent the propagation of the attack.

In short, with this collaboration GMV reinforces its cybersecurity range by acquiring the necessary expertise to be able to deploy CyberArk’s solutions. "Thanks to CyberArk’s solutions we can provide a comprehensive response to the problem of privileged user management, which starts with the advice and ends up by correctly implementing the necessary measures," explains Javier Zubieta, Head of Cybersecurity Business Development in GMV Secure e-Solutions.

“Our partnership with GMV is an important step in continuing to raise awareness of privileged-account security in Spain,” said Gil Fromovitch, channel director EMEA, CyberArk. “Continued attacks that target the most valuable data within organizations mean cyber security is here to stay as a critical issue. GMV and CyberArk will help our joint customers in Spain implement the critical layer of security that mitigates these threats.”

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