GMV, the only technology company participating in Harmony

The Europe-wide health project will help to improve treatment of patients with blood diseases

The 40-million-euro, 5-year Harmony project has now kicked off as part of the European IMI2 initiative. This project will help doctors’ decision-making processes in their diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases such as chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and blood disorders in babies and children. It will also come up with answers for researchers looking into new, more efficient drugs for more personalized treatment.

GMV is the only private technology firm participating in the project, together with another 50 partners from 11 European countries, including hospitals, research centers, universities, patient organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

GMV’s input to the project is the design and development of the Big Data platform for mass processing of information from anonymous patients provided by the consortium members. On the strength of Big Data technology, GMV will deal with this huge volume of clinical, genetic and molecular data, process it, harmonize it and extract valuable information for answering questions posed by scientists and specialist users of the platform.

Harmony is one of Europe’s biggest public-private initiatives seeking more efficient treatment for blood diseases on the basis of clinical, genomic and molecular information from anonymous patients. The project brings together key stakeholders in the clinical, academic, patient, HTA (health technology assessment), regulatory, economical, ethical and pharmaceutical field.

Healthcare Big Data Success Story

GMV boasts tried-and-tested experience in healthcare Big Data techniques. Pride of place goes to such successful projects as HEXIN, the epidemiological and clinical data mining platform set up for the Galician Health Service (Servicio Gallego de Salud: SERGAS). This is the only platform of its type ever set up in the region. HEXIN has been hailed as one of the “50 best digital ideas” in the newspaper Diario Expansión’s first award scheme.

HEXIN’s plethora of possible applications includes characterization of the population in terms of specific parameters (illness, study case, zone...), finding out the total number of people showing given symptoms or the incidence and prevalence of illnesses, suspected adverse effects and risk factors. It could also be used to weigh up treatment efficiency by comparing similar patients or measuring comorbidity (presence of one or more disorders or illnesses apart from the primary illness or disorder).

It can likewise back up diagnoses and therapies with comparable clinical evidence, creating real test banks as research support. Last but not least the platform also has the capability of adapting healthcare protocols for chronic patients.

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