Alstom chooses GMV for Sydney’s new light rail system

GMV will provide an advanced fleet-management system along with an in-station passenger information system

The advanced fleet-management system will ensure punctual and efficient management of the line by the operator Transdev

The technology multinational GMV has been chosen by Alstom for supplying an advanced fleet-management system with in-station passenger information for the new light rail system now being built in the city of Sydney (Australia).

On this new 12-km line, built by the ALTRAC consortium1 , Alstom is responsible for the integrated tramway system which includes the design, delivery and commissioning of 30 coupled Citadis X05 trams, power supply equipment, including APS -ground power supply- over two kilometres, signalling systems, the energy recovery system HESOP, depot equipment and maintenance.

The GMV system supplied for Sydney’s light rail network will be based on GMV’s in-house railway and tram fleet-management system (SAE-R®).

Within this 35-month project GMV’s fleet-management system is considered to be crucial for punctual and efficient running of the system. The solution combines the normal functions of systems of this type: centralized fleet tracking, management of messaging and voice communications between trams and control center (on TETRA/Wi-Fi), plus service regulation operations with other recently grafted-on functions like dynamic route establishment.

GMV’s SAE-R® system has the ability to functionally integrate with external systems both in the control center (SCADA, TETRA systems and planning and analysis tools of the local transport consortium Transport for NSW) and inside the tram cars (TCMS, CAPSYS, passenger information system and TETRA).

All the trams will be fitted with in-house onboard units (OBUs) and touchscreens in both cabs for driver interaction. The whole system is rounded out with the installation of a control center comprising a set of servers in a virtualized environment and a series of workstations that will allow the line operator, Transdev, to ensure smooth service operation.

The stations, for their part, will be fitted with LED information panels to inform waiting passengers of ETAs for light rail. LED panels will also display service information (special events, service notices, etc).

To guarantee successful implementation of the system GMV will runa pilot scheme in GMV’s factory and Alstom’s tramway factory in La Rochelle (France) and Barcelona, to be carried out in several phases until completion with final operational tests in Sydney itself.



1.Made up of Alstom, Transdev, Acciona and Capella


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