The GMV-GEYCE consortium is chosen by Portugal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to run its consular offices

The GMV-GEYCE consortium is chosen by Portugal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to run its consular offices

It will connect up all the consular offices with the central systems of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, avoiding any information overlap

This new contract reinforces GMV’s international position in the defense and security area

A consortium formed by the technology multinational GMV and the biometric software solutions firm GEYCE has won the contract for the development of an Integrated Consular Office Management System (eSGC in Spanish initials), after an international bid invitation held by the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros: MNE).

Development of this new system will boost MNE’s operational capacities, increasing the efficiency and quality of work associated with consular activity. The ultimate aim is to connect up all consular offices with MNE’s central systems in Portugal, avoiding any information overlap.

The project stems from MNE’s need for integral development of a new online consular management application (eSGC in Spanish initials), performing the functions of single-window consular registration management and register plus economic management of the consular office's accountancy procedures and processes.
The solution presented by the GMV-GEYCE consortium involved development of web portals with an interface based on an MVC (Model View Controller) pattern to cater for a large number of users, taking in critical services too.

The project, notably, provides a high-availability Web Portal, accessible from any browser, to connect up all consular offices with MNE’s centralized services in Lisbon.

This new project within the international defense and security arena reinforces GMV’s leadership in Europe’s border surveillance procedures, extending its activities to the management of consular data. This feat has been shared with GEYCE, one of the foremost firms in consular management projects, boasting over 20 years’ experience working for Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

The synergistic effects of both company’s specialist knowledge was crucial in winning this contract. Furthermore, the bid presented by GMV and GEYCE comes up with the perfect answer to all the demanded functions. In the words of Carlos Martínez, GMV’s Homeland Security and Defense consultant, “the stiffest challenges were data migration and the uniting of contents from two different environments in a single database structure. The integrated management system presented by GMV and Geyce solves both problems”.

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