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  • marine-litter

    GMV develops a remote marine-litter detection methodology

    Marine-litter, resulting from spills and bad waste management, has now become a worldwide problem. More than half this waste is plastic, and this is bad news for the oceans as it takes so long to break down, up to 1000 years. In terms of both amount and composition it therefore represents ...
  • STM

    GMV consolidates its Space Traffic Management leadership

    GMV, European leader in Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST), has been chosen by the European Commission to lead a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) within the H2020 program to make proposals for a future European Space Traffic Management ...
  • cybele 1

    GMV gives a progress report on its CYBELE demonstrator

    GMV is participating in CYBELE, an EU-funded project that aims to generate innovation and create value in the domain of agri-food by applying Precision Agriculture (PA) and Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) methods. ...
  • AENOR and GMV have taken part in a conference to debate the new ICT risks, threats and challenges

    How to take on risks and threats in the digital era

    The Spanish Certification and Standardization Association AENOR and GMV have recently taken part in a conference to debate the new ICT risks, threats and challenges now facing organizations in the digital era, especially in the pandemic we are all now living through. Special stress ...
  • Brussels

    GMV establishes a permanent Brussels Office

    GMV, boasting a strong EU footprint and established companies in seven member states, has now become the sixth biggest space employer among the large industrial groups. To match this growth, the company has announced the establishment of a permanent Brussels office to reinforce the ...
  • At AgroExpo GMV talks about innovation and the integration of technology as one of the mainstays of smart farming

    Innovation and digitalization, two drivers of today’s agriculture

    Innovation, digitalization and sustainability are all set to be key features of future farming. We have to be able to change our ways of farming, tapping into technology and harnessing all available data, in other words, farm smartly. GMV’s third-day speech at AgroExpo, a meeting ...
  • We at GMV have developed Checker XFS Filtering, a complete ATM-security solution

    GMV adapts ATMs to the maximum security levels of the future

    GMV was present at BankSec, the online event organized by Retail Banking Research (RBR) to analyze the characteristics of ATM cyberattacks and recommended the best protection measures against them. It has to be borne firmly in mind here that ATM network protection strategies in each ...
  • Scerin 0

    GMV presents its woodland plague-damage detection system

    On 21 and 22 January GMV took part in the seminar «Bark-beetle damage in the SCERIN domain: detection, monitoring and associated Land Cover Change dynamics» organized by the South-Central European Regional International Network (SCERIN) for the Global Observations of ...