AGV and Digitalization Solutions for the Digital Transformation of the Industry

GMV presents AGV and Digitalization solutions for the digital transformation of industry

Under the title “Unmanned Systems in the Naval and Offshore Sector,” Navantia Training Center has hosted a mixed technical conference, both face-to-face and online, organized by the Naval Maritime Cluster of Cadiz together with CATEC and with the collaboration of the Cadiz Provincial Council to discuss robotics applications in the naval and offshore sector.

During the meeting Miguel Hormigo, Director of GMV’s Secure e-Solutions Industry Sector, gave a paper on GMV’s experience and the various AGV and digitalization solutions offered by GMV for Industry 4.0. In his presentation, he showed the advantages offered by exponential technologies to transform certain business models and solve different problems by means of human-machine integration: operational efficiency, new products and services, economy of results (intelligence), autonomy, etc.

In the automation section, Miguel Hormigo presented examples of AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) and AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles) specially designed to improve the performance of processes and distribution of materials, both indoors and outdoors. These robots are characterized by being intelligent enough to learn to navigate naturally without guidance systems, and to be flexible in finding alternative routes if they encounter obstacles in their path. In addition to these examples, he also presented other projects and solutions in which the company is working related to Artificial Intelligence, data platforms, analytics, industrial automation, robotics and IoT