GMV participates in the first anniversary of Chile’s Galileo Information Centre

In mid-December last year an online event with GMV participation was held to celebrate the first anniversary of Chile’s Galileo Information Centre

Galileo Center 0

Based in Santiago de Chile, the center offers free information and support on Europe’s global navigation satellite systems (EGNSS) to the satellite navigation industry, application developers and end users in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.

Galileo Center I

On behalf of GMV, Irma Rodriguez, head of the company’s GNSS products, services and algorithms division, took part in the panel discussion on “Galileo-use success stories and business opportunities”. Her speech ran through GMV’s wealth of experience in navigation systems, in particular the successful use of precise and safe/secure positioning for BMW Group’s new generation of autonomous vehicles.

GMV’s bespoke development for BMW Group’s autonomous vehicles will provide a GNSS-based positioning system guaranteeing top levels of precision and dependability for self-driving applications.

The positioning SW forms part of the vehicle’s autonomous driving system, plus a satellite-navigation correction service to be supplied by GMV from its processing centers. The correction data is taken from the global reference station network being rolled out by GMV.

GMV has been working on Galileo from the word go; it is one of the key companies priming one of the 3 Galileo segments.