Antari, GMV’s inhouse telemedicine platform at the Hispasat Satellite Innovation Days

GMV showcases its inhouse telemedicine platform Antari at the eighth Hispasat Satellite Innovation Days

GMV has showcased its inhouse telemedicine platform Antari at the eighth Hispasat Satellite Innovation Days while also talking about its use in the particular case of the Peruvian Amazon, an area where the challenging lie of the land called for the use of broadband mobile connectivity and satellite connections.

The event looked at the satellite’s role in the gigabit society of 2025. Adrián Rodrigo, GMV’s Smart Health Product Manager, gave his take on the matter together with experts like Xavier Lobao, Head of Future Projects Division of the European Space Agency (ESA); Aarti Holla, Secretary General of the EMEA Satellite Operators’ Association and Daniela Petrovic, Transformation Manager of O2 (Telefónica UK) and Delivery Director of the Darwin project.

Rodrigo argued that satellite connections were a highly promising way of providing healthcare services in rural areas. "They are extremely useful for the people living there. Prime examples like our Antari platform allow health service providers to attend their patients remotely, bringing them into online contact with the right specialist in each case and favoring monitoring and follow-up in their own homes". Antari helps to «democratize access to specialist healthcare and boost the quality of life in rural areas". GMV’s ongoing commitment to the development of inhouse digital healthcare systems like Antari tallies with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 3, Health and Well-being.

The innovating healthcare provision service NAPO, brokered by the Spanish foundation Fundación EHAS and the PUCP Rural Telecommunications Group and using broadband internet satellite connections, has provided three thousand inhabitants of six far-flung communities of the NAPO River area of the Peruvian Amazon with a broadband mobile service and telemedicine services in thirteen rural health centers.