GMV hailed as southern Europe’s best service provider

GMV has won Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)’s «Southern Europe Service Provider of year 2020» prize. HPE’s Partner Growth Summit 2020 award scheme recognizes the year’s best-performing channel partners in terms of results and achievements, level of commitment and development of value in clients, plus a focus on growth and innovation.

With this award HPE puts on record the close collaboration between both companies, a relation that has gone from strength to strength over the last 10 years or more.

GMV has used HPE technology on all types of projects with IT infrastructure across its whole business range. In general, GMV integrates HPE computation, storage and networking solutions in all projects in which it is bound to provide its customers of various sectors (defense, government authorities, telecommunications, space, cybersecurity, etc) with trustworthy solutions in projects posing the most stringent requirements in terms of performance, availability and security. Internally, too, GMV also uses varied HPE technology in an infrastructure hosting about 1800 virtual machines underpinning its product-development procedure.

The clinching factor in this whole process was GMV’s winning of the project for maintenance and upgrading of the ground control segment of Galileo’s satellites. Based on HPE Simplivity, it represents the biggest project with this technology run as a single operation on HPE’s southern European channel (Israel, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain).

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath, the winners of this year’s award scheme were recognized during the «HPE Partner Growth Summit Virtual Experience 2020», held at the end of June. On 16 July José María Martínez Fadrique, GMV’s SPASS manager, picked up the award at HPE’s Madrid headquarters.


From left to right: José María de la Torre, president and CEO of HPE Spain and HPE president of Southern Europe; José María Martínez Fadrique, GMV’s SPASS manager; and José María Díaz-Zorita, HPE channel and alliance manager for Southern Europe.