GMV among the Spanish firms with the biggest return under the European H2020 program

Spain's Industrial Technology Development Center (CDTI in Spanish initials) has recently published the provisional results (2014-2019) of Spain's participation in HORIZON 2020 (H2020). GMV is one of the Spanish organizations boasting the biggest return in these R&D financing funds.

In overall terms Spain's return under this European framework program holds onto fourth place, provisionally obtaining 10.1% of the total financing for the 2014-2019 period, i.e., receiving through its funded participants total non-refundable transfers adding up to €4.7616 billion, accumulated over this 6-year period.

GMV is continuing to drive Spain's industrial leadership under this program, with a mean 24.7% success rate over the period, doubling the European mean of 12.2%.

The upshot is that GMV maintains its ongoing success and leadership in Europe's innovation scene. Year after year the company has managed to transform Europe's co-funding opportunities into groundbreaking solutions that generate value for our clients, galvanizing an innovation setup made up by public and private agents, including SMEs, and encouraging them to carry out original, top-notch, inspiring, talent-packed projects. The private investment under these projects helps to multiply the beneficial effect of public aid, allowing the various innovation stakeholders to come up with competitive solutions that hit the market earlier.

We at GMV applaud and hail the effort and support of Europe's public institutions and Spain's ministry of science and innovation and CDTI, who between them have helped to muster the necessary resources and encourage investment in promising technologies for the global competitiveness of Spain's innovation agents. GMV's ongoing R&D-centered business outlook has now nurtured nearly 50 up-and-running projects in its various European offices. These projects cover state-of-the-art technology in the various sectors GMV trades in:

  • Space robotics, IOD/IOV, planetary defense;
  • Upgrading and promoting of Europe's satellite-information applications and services for Galileo's navigation projects and Copernicus's earth observation projects;
  • Climate services for agricultural production;
  • Modernization of forestry procedures;
  • Improvements for management of human migration;
  • Aircraft control systems;
  • Maritime security and secure borders;
  • Green and smart cities;
  • Cybersecurity and proactive risk management;
  • Early identification of Alzheimer's Disease, blood-disease research, personalized medicine;
  • Low-power computing, modern embedded system technology;
  • Big data and artificial intelligence technology.

As this picture shows, GMV is helping to drive the national economy forward, creating top-quality, skilled jobs, favoring exports with its products and services that modernize traditional sectors, protecting the environment and helping society to age healthily.