GMV gives a talk on IT in the space sector

Wrocław Technology Park along with Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency and ITCorner Hub has organized a series of educational mini lectures called ScienceITup: Big Science Edition. The goal of this initiative is to shed light on the role of IT in industries related to big science. A list of speakers representing the space-tech sector included Krystyna Macioszek, the onboard software engineer at GMV, who on June 12 gave a short talk on satellite software in space projects and what makes it different from traditional ground-control software.


Krystyna works at GMV’s avionics department, which is engaged with the production of onboard software at all stages of its creation: from the definition of requirements through initial and detailed design, implementation and testing to customer support when the product is already in orbit. Her talk focused on two key requirements for onboard software. Firstly its reliability, for many reasons but especially the limited opportunities for servicing equipment in space. Secondly, the need for the flight software to work flawlessly regardless of poor hardware conditions, such as short memory and low computing power.

While on the subject of on-board software, Krystyna mentioned the OPS-SAT mission, ESA’s project which she coordinated on behalf of GMV. Polish engineers were responsible for designing and implementing full onboard software for this technological satellite, including Attitude Determination and Control System, Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery system and Mission Operation Services. Mission Operation Services is an innovative information exchange protocol standard that has never been used before. OPS-SAT is the first mission when MOS is being used. If this solution works, it might well be taken up as standard in all European Space Agency satellites and one day, all the largest space agencies in the world, including NASA.

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