GMV joins the #CEOPorLaDiversidad Alliance

Adecco I

On 16 October Mónica Martínez, GMV’s president, formalized GMV’s membership of the Alianza #CEOPorLaDiversidad (CEOsforDiversity Alliance in a ceremony held in the Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid) to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Fundación Adecco.

This alliance, now backed by GMV’s commitment to the cause alongside 59 fellow companies, aims to bring Spanish company executives together around a mutual and groundbreaking view of diversity, fairness and occupational even-handedness. From this participation arises a collaborative platform for research, swapping notes, creating and encouraging good business practices in keeping with today’s society.

#CEOPorLaDiversidad is brokered by the two foundations called Fundación Adecco and Fundación CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations in Spanish initials) to speed up the development of groundbreaking strategies in Spain’s business fabric that are conducive to excellence and competitiveness, reducing inequality and exclusion in Spain’s society.

During the ceremony Antonio Garamendi, CEOE President, Enrique Sánchez, President of Fundación Adecco and José Isaías Rodríguez, Patron of Fundación Adecco, jointly presented the Alianza #CEOPorLaDiversidad. Under the honorary presidency of their majesties the monarchs of Spain, the event involved the participation of Magdalena Valerio Cordero, Minister of Employment, Migration and Social Security, and Joaquín Nieto, director of the Spanish office of the International Labor Organization.

Adecco III

Right from the word go GMV has always been fully aware that any company is underpinned by the talent of its staff; this talent is characterized by diversity in the broadest sense, eschewing the shibboleths of gender, culture, age or any other arbitrary condition or circumstance. A view of diversity that, in the words of Mónica Martínez “enriches the firm as an organization and as an integral part of today’s society”.

#CEOPorLaDiversidad builds on the past collaboration between GMV and Fundación Adecco, dating back to late 2018 when GMV joined the #EmpleoParaTodos (Employment for all) project, an initiative to encourage the inclusion of disabled people.

Under the umbrella #EmpleoParaTodos GMV has set up this year its own Diversity Committee, a space for analysis and dialogue in favor of the inclusion of all persons who represent the fullest sense of diversity within GMV. As part of the action plan of this Diversity Committee, Ignacio Ramos, director of GMV’s People Strategy and Culture Department, participated in the initiative “Debating Diversity” with Pablo Pineda, with the aim of raising public awareness.

By joining #CEOPorLaDiversidad, GMV aims to build on its past equality-favoring work to bring home its importance to all its employees.