GMV visited by 25 International Business students from Mannheim University

On 7 May last a group of students from the International Business syllabus of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim, accompanied by their professor, Dr. Kornmeieer, visited GMV to find out at first hand all about the company's activity.

Manhein 0

In his welcoming speech Pedro Schoch, Director of Business Development of GMV, ran through all the areas GMV currently trades in and gave an insider's account of what makes the company tick. He also spoke about the technology developed by the various teams, especially GMV's control centers.

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To give the students a comprehensive idea of all the sectors, Carlos Illana, Product Manager PRO of GMV's Secure e-Solutions sector, told them about the health projects and the Radiance upgrades that GMV is currently working on.

Fernando Gandía, Head of Robotics (GNC/ROB) - SPS – Aerospace, then gave the students a guided tour round the Martian mockup terrain for field-testing robots as well as the robotics and optical navigation laboratories.

To wind up the visit the International Business students were then invited to ask any questions that intrigued them about what they had seen.

These university visits to GMV's site pay honor to the company's university beginnings while also reflecting the current-day importance of motivating the budding talent of tomorrow.