Portugal Space, the Portuguese Space Agency presentation

Space Agency

On 28 March 2019 Lisbon hosted “Portugal Space, ESA and the European Space Program (2021-2027)” organized by PERIN (Portugal in Europe Research and Innovation Network). During this event Manuel Heitor, Portugal’s Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, presented Portugal’s agency and its vision.

Also present at this opening session of Portugal Space were Chiara Manfletti, President of the agency, Luís Santos, Vice-President, and Rui Meneses, External Communication consultant at the European Commission.

The birth of Portugal’s Space Agency, headquartered on the island of Santa María de Azores, will drive the national space sector and will also favor more direct management of the development of space infrastructure, the promotion of national space programs and initiatives and the provision of space-technology and -science services.

Space Agency

Portugal Space will come on stream during this month of April and the first small-satellite launches are scheduled for early 2021.

Teresa Ferreira, GMV’s Space Manager in Portugal, took part in one of the panel discussions together with other experts and leaders from scientific institutions and companies. This panel argued that “a backup of investment in the space sector is crucial to boost the technological maturity of our national space business and promote our firms’ progress in the value chain”.

The overarching aim of these events is to bring to wider notice the research designed to guarantee an effective convergence strategy for the Europe of Knowledge up to 2030.