Transexpo 2018 once more setting trends in Poland

The 14th International Fair of Public Transport, Transexpo, was held this year from 23 to 25 October. Transexpo, a biennial event, is Poland’s top public-transport fair, specializing in public transport vehicles, on-board equipment, passenger information systems, ticketing systems and means of payment, among others.

GMV ran its own stand to display its inhouse developments in fare-collection, passenger-information and fleet-management systems for any means of urban road transport. It also held demos of various solutions such as GMV Planner for the public transport sector and its integrated payment and e-ticketing systems plus its advanced fleet management system, which makes any public-transport enterprise slicker and more efficient.

Transexpo II

Lectures dealt with such issues as how to manage public transport, good practices for development of the industry, low emissions and clean energy. This year’s fair was held in line with the electromobility development program, laid down in the responsible development strategy of the 2017-2020 budgets approved by the Polish government.

This year’s fair, always a must to keep in touch with the very latest pubic-transport technology, attracted a turnout of 172 exhibitors from various countries like Germany, France, Sweden, the UK, Switzerland, Turkey and China.