Robotics for more efficient cities

The French Robotic Cup (Coupe de France de Robotique) is one of France’s best known and most longstanding annual competitions. The challenge is to build a robot in 9 months from the moment each year’s goal is set, then vying with other robots to win a berth in the European Eurobot final.

This is the first stop of A.I.G.R.I.S. Birds, the GMV-sponsored team that will compete against another 174 teams from 9 to 12 May in two categories. The challenge of this 25th competition is “to build a city”. Working with a main robot and secondary robot, the competitors have to perform a series of tasks and outscore their opponents.


The three best placed in this tournament from 9 to 12 May plus a fourth with special mention move on to the Eurobot competition, held since 1998 by the not-for-profit with the same name.

The A.I.G.R.I.S. Birds team has now been taking part in the French Robotic Cup for several years, always with excellent results. In 2016 it won the Innovation Prize and last year it came second out of 150 teams. For this year’s tournament it is already warming up its robots, which are right now in the testing phase.