GMV and enerTIC join forces to boost energy efficiency and sustainability

In recent years technology has grown at a breakneck rate, completely transforming industry.

Mindful of the sector’s needs and drawing on its proven innovation and challenge-solving capability, GMV brings its hi-tech expertise to bear on all business processes to help bring them progressively into line with digital process. It is clear that disruptive technologies give productive sectors a chance to improve their logistic processes and boost their energy efficiency. “We at GMV believe that the ICT trends of the coming years will develop along three main lines worldwide: application of artificial intelligence in forecasting and operation models for efficient energy use; the use of new cybersecurity models in citizen-related information systems; and the application of disruptive technologies like Blockchain to optimize the use of resources and allow new relations among all stakeholders of the value chain”, argues Miguel Hormigo, leader of GMV’s Industry 4.0 initiatives.

GMV becomes a key member of the enerTIC platform, which sets out to improve energy efficiency and sustainability

With the aim of levering technology to make Spain’s industry more energy-efficient, GMV has joined up with enerTIC, the platform of technology and innovation firms to improve energy efficiency; at present the platform is made up by 50 major associate firms. Among these technologies pride of place goes to the so-called enabling technologies: Big Data and machine learning, artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems, simulation and virtual reality, robotics and autonomous systems, additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, cloud computing (and computing in general), Internet of Things and other impactful, disruptive technologies that are now cropping up or will do so in the future (including, notably, Blockchain or even virtual assistants like chatbots).

enerTIC Platform – Energy efficiency in the digital era (video)