GMV improves the passenger-information system of Toledo’s urban buses

As part of Toledo’s public-transport modernization plan, GMV has developed the Android- and iPhone-enabled mobile app “Toledo bus”, which gives would-be passengers all necessary information for ensuring the most efficient use of Toledo’s urban transport. This new app forms part of the advanced fleet-management and passenger-information system presented to the press in late June 2017 by GMV, Grupo Ruiz / Unauto and Toledo City Council (ayuntamiento).

App Toledo I

After enablement of the handheld’s geolocation permission, the app’s main window tells users the various bus-lines and -stops around their present location or any other location entered manually. The “how to get there” function then allows you to plan the shortest route between two locations by means of google maps.

Additionally, the app shows all information on the various bus-lines, -routes and –stops making up the city’s urban-transport system and gives real-time ETAs for each stop. This timing information will also be displayed on the 93 information panels to be supplied by GMV under this project. The siting of these panels is currently under discussion by Toledo council itself.

On the basis of their particular use frequency, users can select one or several stops as their “favorites” to speed up subsequent search processes within the app.

Additional information on the city is available and updated from Toledo council’s website; this can be launched from the app’s main window.

This new mobile app rounds out Toledo’s public-transport system, providing it with cutting-edge passenger-information systems on the website, at bus-stops and onboard the bus.