GMV gives us the keys to the prevention of cyber incidents by technical-vulnerability management

GMV habla sobre la prevención de incidentes de seguridad mediante la gestión de vulnerabilidades técnicas

The ongoing increase of worldwide cyberattacks on organizations of all types is an undeniable fact, looming ever larger in the agendas of organizations and their executives, while also troubling cybersecurity experts. Many of these attacks feed on mass, organized exploitation of known security vulnerabilities to filch data, rob information and make profit for the hackers at the organizations’ expense. For this reason the most mature organizations apply vulnerability-management techniques by means of specialized tools.

With this scenario in mind, GMV, with the support of Colombia’s Association for Managerial Process (Asociación para el Progreso de la Dirección: APD), has held in Colombia a conference on the prevention of security incidents by means of technical-vulnerability management.

Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón, CEO of GMV Secure e-Solutions, presented the scenario faced by any of the world’s organizations nowadays: “Organizations are now living through a digital transformation and, with the aim of protecting their information, are implementing groundbreaking cybersecurity tools that contribute towards the development of new business models”.

Mariano J. Benito, CISO of GMV Secure e-Solutions and Víctor Gaspar, GMV’s Country Business Manager for Colombia, spoke about vulnerability management, arguing that this pressing need can now be solved by means of an orderly and ongoing implementation of groundbreaking technological solutions. Mariano Benito ran us through the most impactful cyber attacks at world level, all of which could have been avoided by means of vulnerability management. Hacktivists, technical hackers, insiders, states and cyber-criminals in general have hit any complacent, unprepared organizations hard. He wound up by unfurling GMV’s recommended cybersecurity working plan for organizations.

Víctor Gaspar, for his part, spoke about a particularly worrying figure for cybersecurity experts: 95% of intrusions occurring today have preyed on known problems or vulnerabilities for which there are already solutions. GMV has drawn on state-of-the-art vulnerability management expertise to produce its inhouse tool, gestvul, covering all phases of this management, from discovery of the vulnerability, debugging and checking, deciding on corrective action and informing the victims.

GMV habla sobre la prevención de incidentes de seguridad mediante la gestión de vulnerabilidades técnicas