Cyber-intelligence has to delve well beyond the obvious

GMV present at the 11th ENISE, organized by INCIBE under the banner of “Cybersecurity Challenges in a Connected World”

For yet another year, coinciding with the European Cybersecurity Week, Spain’s National Cybersecurity Institute (Instituto Nacional de Ciberseguridad de España: INCIBE) has put on the latest International Information-Security Meeting (Encuentro Internacional de Seguridad de la Información: ENISE), the eleventh in the series. For a leading cybersecurity firm like GMV this is an unmissable yearly event.

Under the banner “Cybersecurity Challenges in a Connected World” the meeting analyzed such aspects as the current state of cybersecurity in Spain and the international panorama; trends in the private sector, the evolution of cyberthreats and virtual currencies (Blockchain).

Javier Zubieta, Cybersecurity Business Development Manager at GMV Secure e-Solutions, took part in a panel discussion on the present and future of cyber-intelligence in organizations, also investigating how companies are tackling this matter in their information systems, which tools exist, what problems are solved, the current development level of this market, etc. In the words of Javier Zubieta, “we now have enough technology to second-guess future internet movements; the important thing is how we use it”. If the latest worldwide cyberattacks have shown anything, it is that organizations, however protected they may believe themselves to be, are in fact vulnerable. At any moment they might suffer a breach of their security. It is therefore paramount to preempt any threats in order to be ready for an IT attack of any nature. “Cyber-intelligence has to delve well beyond the obvious” argues Zubieta, emphasizing the fact that we cannot afford to fall back on mere data interpretation.

It goes without saying that any proper cyber-intelligence market has to have a good understanding of the target clients and the type of services that might be offered to them. We at GMV have been working in this field for several years now; we boast a long track record in offering bespoke cyber-intelligence services to suit particular companies and sectors, ensuring our customers can always make the best and most informed decisions possible.

GMV present at the 11th ENISE, organized by INCIBE under the banner of “Cybersecurity Challenges in a Connected World”