Mariano J. Benito, CISO of GMV Secure e-Solutions, is elected vice-president of AMETIC’s Cybersecurity and Confidence Commission (Comisión de Ciberseguridad y Confianza)

In the past month of June the Spanish Association of ICT Companies (Asociación de Empresas de Electrónica, Tecnologías de la Información, Telecomunicaciones y Contenidos Digitales: AMETIC ) held an election to renew the managerial posts of the association’s Digital-Confidence and Cybersecurity Commission (Comisión de Ciberseguridad y Confianza Digital). The winning ticket was David González, of GyD Iberica (Giesecke & Devrient), standing as president along with the vice-presidents of José Helguero, Director of HELAS CONSULTORES, and Mariano J. Benito, CISO of GMV Secure eSolutions.

The remit of the Comisión de Ciberseguridad y Confianza Digital is to provide consultancy and technical advice on the secure use of ICTs and to encourage an attitude of prevention and proper management in the implementation of cybersecurity as a fundamental part of adding value to organizations.

Its particular purposes include analysis of cybersecurity legislative initiatives affecting the sector and the necessary trust-generating reforms to be brought in.

In the words of Mariano J. Benito, “It is the intention of the new management of the Comisión de Ciberseguridad y Confianza Digital to continue acting as the forum for collaboration and networking between AMETIC members present in this market, improved with a greater degree of dynamism and openness towards the rest of the members and the rest of the market”.

In this new stage of AMETIC the appointment of Mariano J. Benito reinforces GMV’s participation within the association’s digital-economy development activity. Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón, CEO of GMV Secure e-Solutions, holds the post of vice-president of the innovation area in AMETIC, whilst Rafael Navajo, GMV’s Healthcare Business-Development Manager is responsible for coordination within the e-Health working group.