GMV receives the Colombian Armed Forces

Recently GMV's head office received a visit from a delegation of Colombia's Armed Forces.

The delegation included figures of the importance of Major General Jorge Tadeo Borbón Fernández (Commander in Chief of the Colombian Airforce), General Flavio Enrique Ulloa (General Manager of the Aeronautics Industry Corporation), Ingrid Pamela Calderón Firacative (Director of Entrepreneurial Management) and Colonel Ernesto José Coral Rocero (Commander of Mobile Brigade No. 11). 

Colombia 0

In the context of potential collaboration between Spain and Colombia, the visit also included representatives from the Spanish Ministry of Defense and Airbus.

GMV's General Manager of Defense and Security, Manuel Pérez Cortés, first gave a general run-through of the company's activities, GMV then presented some of the activities it is carrying out within the defense and security sector, where the company is seen as a beacon at international level.

Colombia I

During the encounter GMV ran a demo of its JISR (Joint, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) systems as part of NATO's MAJIIC project. The demo focused on its inhouse Mobile ISTAR Operating systems (called SEISMO after the Spanish initials: Sistema de Explotación ISTAR Móvil), CSD (Coalition Shared Database), Atenea (IRM&CM Tool) and COLLECTOR (ISR sensor simulator), which pool information from many different sources in different formats to provide intelligence analysts with the necessary tools for exchanging ISR information and performing workflows that enable interaction throughout all JISR phases.

Various cooperation opportunities were explored to meet the needs of the Colombian armed forces. There was a general consensus about the productivity of this meeting, especially ahead of Colombia's imminent NATO membership.