Toledo modernizes its public passenger transport with GMV technology

On 30 June Toledo City Council unveiled “Toledo Monsae” (from the Spanish initials for a combined fleet-management and fare-collection system). Under this project all the latest technological breakthroughs are to be fitted on the fleet of the city’s bus operator UNAUTO.

Toledo I

The remit of this project is to improve information systems, increase passenger safety, boost mobility and protect the environment. To this end, GMV has updated the technological platform of the 45-bus fleet, using a complete, all-in management model including an advanced fleet-management and passenger-information system with a ticketing or fare-collection system, plus other safety improvements like onboard surveillance video.

Toledo’s new ticketing system will include onboard, single-journey ticket-vending machines, which also double up as read-write machines for the current contactless fare cards, all totally integrated with the fleet-management system. This in turn will be rounded out with a series of transport management tools for the operator, comprising inspection handhelds and central data-mining backoffice applications. 

Toledo 0

Communication between the driver and the central control office will be by way of voice and a messaging service using a screen in the vending machine, making it easy to use and raising safety levels. The driver will also be kept informed at all times about whether the service is running on time. Central tools, moreover, will allow not only real-time service tweaks but also data mining in the interests of an improved service. Safety will be further improved by a video surveillance system fitted on all buses, with permanent recording of images inside the bus and, in the event of any emergency, real-time broadcasting of images and sound to show the central control office what is happening onboard.

One of the main advantages of this intelligent transportation system will be the possibility of giving passengers punctual, top-quality information. This will involve two types of information systems. The main bus stops will be fitted with a total of 113 ETA-announcing information panels. Onboard the bus itself multimedia panels will show service-related content plus publicity.

The onboard information systems are adapted for visually impaired passengers with a specially designed cyberpass system to reproduce sound information inside and outside the bus.

GMV’s modernization of Toledo’s bus fleet will make it one of Spain’s flagship intelligent transportation systems.