GMV showcases its latest ADR breakthroughs

From 3 to 7 July GMV took part in the 7th European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences, EUCASS 2017. To showcase its latest ADR (Active Debris Removal) breakthroughs, it presented the results of three projects it is carrying out for the European Space Agency.

Debris 0

The first of them, SBSS-DM, aims to demonstrate the objectives of the SBSS mission (Space-Based Space Surveillance), concentrating on surveillance and monitoring not only of artificial objects but also near-earth objects (NEOs).

The second of the presented research projects was AnDRoID, part of the IOD (in Orbit Demonstration) project, which is focusing on the capture of small space-debris objects (100-200kg).

Lastly, the ORCO project (On Ground Validation of a Rigid Combo system), aims to perform ground consolidation, integration and validation of the key technologies for carrying out complex space robotics initiatives (based on Active Debris Removal for a small satellite).

EUCASS, held since 2005, is one of Europe’s main scientific aeronautics and space events, always attracting a healthy turnout of scientists, researchers and stakeholders not only from Europe but also from Asia and America.